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When it comes to air sealing services for your St. Louis or Metro East area home, Greenmark Home Performance has you covered. If you've noticed drafts, uneven temperatures throughout your living spaces, and high energy bills, your home might be experiencing significant air leakage that needs to be addressed through air sealing.

Discovering Air Leaks with an Energy Audit

During a home energy audit, a certified auditor will use testing such a blower door and infrared analysis to measure and then locate air leaks. While these small areas seem small, when you add them all together most homes have air leakage equivalent to leaving a window open year-round! Once air leaks are identified and spots that might need insulation are found, our experts will present you with a recommended solution.

Expert Air Sealing

Since air sealing is essential part of increasing your home's comfort and energy efficiency, the Greenmark Home Performance team uses tried and true, industry-standard techniques. We use everything from caulking and spray foam to weatherstripping depending on the area to ensure a tight, durable seal.

Benefits of Air Sealing

Air sealing your home in St. Louis or the Metro East area will result in the following:

- Improved Comfort

After air sealing, your home will no longer feel drafty and temperatures will stay more consistent so you'll be able to enjoy a warmer living space during the winter and a cooler one during the summer.

- Increased Energy Efficiency

Since pesky drafts and uneven temperatures will no longer be affecting your home, you won't have to rely on your heating and cooling system as often which will help to lower your monthly bills.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality
Since pollution and other outdoor contaminants won't be making their way into your living space after air sealing, you and your family will enjoy healthier indoor air quality especially when paired with appropriate ventilation.

Boost Your Home's Energy Efficiency with Greenmark Home Performance

With expert air sealing from the specialists at Greenmark, your home will be more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy. Our experts will uncover all air leaks through a comprehensive energy audit and then seal them appropriately so you can enjoy the benefits right away.

Does your home have air leaks that need to be sealed? Find out with an energy audit! Contact us to schedule yours today.