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The traditional approach just doesn’t work

If your bedrooms are too hot or your basement is too cold, upgrading to a higher eficiency unit is not going to fix the problem. Our team at Greenmark Home Performance knows that most HVAC contractors focus on replacement units because it is quick and profitable for them. We understand that home comfort starts with a whole home approach, investigating the cause of your uncomfortable home rather than just replacing your HVAC Unit.

An uncomfortable home is not a sign of a failing HVAC unit. More likely it is a sign of other issues with your home like poor insulation, drafts, and improper ventilation.

Our team works with homeowners across the St. Louis area to provide real solutions to their uncomfortable homes. Contact our experts to schedule a home performance audit today.

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We Help St. Louis Area Homeowners Gain Control Of Their Homes Through Scientific Testing

There are many areas in your home where ageing finishing and poor construction lead to energy loss. This will cause your energy bills to be higher and your home to feel drafty or uncomfortable. At Greenmark Home Performance we bring real building science into the picture.

Our team knows that not every problem can be solved with a larger HVAC unit. Our team is committed to helping you save money, stay healthy, and stay comfortable year round. We offer energy audits, duct sealing, whole home ventilation systems, and insulation services to keep your home performing at its best. Contact our team today to schedule your energy audit and home performance evaluation today.

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Our Home Performance Services

Our team specializes in services that make your home more comfortable to live in. This includes energy audits to determine the cause of high energy bills and drafty homes, whole home ventilation installation for residential and commercial spaces, insulation services, and air sealing to help keep your home comfortable year round. Learn more about how our services help you stay comfortable by clicking below.

Whole Home Ventilation Helps You Stay Healthy and Comfortable

Poor ventilation and poor air quality in your home or business go hand and hand. It leads to smokey kitchens and airborne particle build up. Our team at Greenmark Home Performance works with both residential and commercial customers to provide professional ventilation installation to give you peace of mind and clean air.

Our team installs kitchen, bathroom, and whole home ventilation systems. These systems are designed to help you stay comfortable in your home by keeping the air you breath clean and fresh. In addition to this, whole home ventilation systems help you keep your home comfortable and save money on your energy bills. If you need a kitchen, bathroom, or whole home ventilation system installed contact our experts at Greenmark Home Performance. We are the experts in Ventilation for the greater St. Louis area.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Mark visited our office and was very informative about options we have on how to improve the air quality in the office. I was so impressed with his knowledge and ability to effectively communicate how the hvac system is intergrated… Read more “Indoor air Quality in St. Louis, MO”

Dan G.

I want to give a shoutout to Mark Inman of Greenmark Home Performance. Mark recently helped us through some energy efficiency and aesthetic improvements to our 40-year old house. The changes made in the HVAC system and in added insulation… Read more “Remodeling and Increasing Energy Efficiency in Waterloo, IL”

Larry S.

This past summer GreenMark upgraded our home for energy savings. We have 2 HVAC units, one for each floor. During the summer, we normally set the upstairs to 80 degrees during the day and the AC turns on about noon… Read more “Full basement and attic work in St. Louis, MO”

Larry M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question we can answer? Call us at 314-845-9144, we’re happy to help!

Most homeowners immediately jump to poor insulation or a bad HVAC system as the reason for comfort issues in their home. Our team at Greenmark Home Performance knows that this is rarely the case and can lead to services that won’t solve the problem. Most home comfort issues are due to poor air sealing, duct sealing, insulation problems, drafts, and poor indoor air quality.

Ventilating a bathroom is important. It is a job best performed by professionals as proper setup of the ventilation system will involve installing an external exhaust system which could damage your home if installed by yourself.

Poor duct sealing, drafts, and poor insulation are the primary cause for temperature differences between rooms.

Poor air circulation and ventilation can leave you with dry and stale air around your home. Installing a humidification system and whole home ventilation system can help solve low humidity issues.

The average HVAC replacement costs between $4,000 and $12,000 depending on the size of the home. If ductwork needs to be replaced, you can expect additional charges.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to excess allergens and pollutants inside of your home.

The best ways to improve indoor air quality are to install a whole home ventilation system to completely change the air inside of your home and to ensure that any drafts in your ductwork or windows are properly air sealed.

There are a variety of ways to save money on your energy bill including replacing existing lighting with LED, preventing heat seep (heat loss due to poor air sealing), and ensuring that your home is properly insulated.

The short answer for this is because hot air rises. In a two-story home your HVAC system needs to work twice as hard to cool the upstairs due to the warm air rising within your home.

Installing a whole home insulation system will improve the air quality inside of your home. This is because it will completely change the air within the home several times throughout the day. It can also be used to circulate conditioned air around your home more efficiently.

No, an attic fan uses negative pressure to change the air in your home. It lifts and expels air pollutants and allergens and pulls new fresh air from the outside of your home. You should run an attic fan with the bottom floor windows open.

Most homeowners will live in a home for years without getting the ductwork cleaned. Our team at Greenmark Home Performance recommends getting your ductwork cleaned at least once per year. Over time dust, allergens, and indoor air pollutants will build up inside of your ductwork.

Insulating your home is important spray foam and cellulose insulation are the two most common types of insulation and both serve different purposes. Spray foam insulation is great for sealing and insulating small or tight areas like inside of walls and tight attic spaces. While cellulose insulation is great for building up a high insulation rating for your home. Cellulose insulation is commonly used in attics because it is easy to install and will keep your home insulated for years.

The best way to make your home more comfortable is not to call your HVAC company. Hire a reputable home performance company to perform an energy audit on your home to determine which areas may be making your home uncomfortable and costing you money.

Drafty windows need to be air sealed. This involves removing the caulking and sealing the space in between the window and the wall, then replacing the caulking. This should keep drafts to a minimum. In some cases, the draft may be due to a window fault. The only solution for this is to replace the window.

Most home ductwork is uninsulated and was installed before building code required sealing. Todays codes require that all ductwork be properly sealed to prevent heat loss. Having your ducts sealed is relatively simple and will save you money on your energy bills.

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