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Basement Insulation Services In St. Louis

Blown In Basement InsulationYour basement, if left unfinished, is likely one of those areas in your home that you rarely visit or consider, but it can also be costing you money. However, there is a great way to save money on your energy bills, basement insulation. Insulating your unfinished basement may seem like an unnecessary task but it can help you save money on your energy bills.

Our basement insulation experts at Greenmark Home Performance know that a ton of heat is lost through uninsulated basement walls. This is why we offer complete basement insulation services. In addition to this if you are considering finishing your basement then you should also consider having basement insulation installed. Finishing your basement without insulation will cause your basement to become uncomfortable and undesirable to relax in.

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How Insulating Your Basement Can Save You Money

When you have un-insulated basement walls, the cool soil on the exterior of the basement wall can cool down the walls of your basement. When this happens, the “warm” air inside of your basement works to warm the walls of your basement. When this happens, it can cause your furnace to work harder at keeping your home comfortable. Our basement insulation experts can help you save money by stopping the loss of warm air in your home through your basement walls.

How We Insulate Basements

One of the main methods to insulating basement walls is the installation of closed cell foam panels or blown-in insulation. These panels are designed to fit in between studwork, if you are finishing a basement, or to line up directly next to each other for unfinished basements. Our team of experts uses a powerful adhesive to stick the foam panels to your basement walls, creating a thermal barrier between the air in your basement and the cool soil on the exterior.

The second method for insulating a basement is primarily used if your basement is going to be finished. The material used is a spray-foam insulation that is created with a mixed chemical compound. This spray-foam insulation acts as an excellent insulator and adheres itself to the basement walls. In addition to this, it can provide extra air-sealing in your basement to keep the warm air inside of your home.

Save Money On Your Energy Bills With Basement Insulation in St. Louis

Our team at Greenmark Home Performance can help you save money on your utilities by installing proper basement insulation in your home. Contact us online or by calling us at 314-845-9144 to schedule an appointment.

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