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Whole Home Ventilation Solutions In St. Louis

Whole Home Ventilation Services Whole home ventilation is not a new concept, in-fact its been around for the last 30-40 years. The concept of whole-home ventilation was meant to replace the need for an air conditioning to cool the house. However, there are a number of other benefits you can experience when using a whole home ventilation system. Most homes now are better insulated and have better air-sealing than homes built 20 or more years ago.

This means that homes are more prone to having airborne pollutants trapped inside which can be potentially harmful to you, your family and your pets. Having a proper home ventilation solution installed and properly functioning can help you increase the quality of air in your home while also keeping it cool during the warmer months.

How Whole Home Ventilation Works

A whole house ventilation fan pulls air in from open windows, gaps, and other unsealed areas and exhausts the stale air inside your home through the attic and roof through the use of an attic fan. This provides good attic ventilation in addition to whole house cooling. While running a whole house ventilation system can provide a home with 30 to 60 complete air changes per hour, drastically increasing the air quality in your home.

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Exhaust FanWhy Should You Install A Whole House Ventilation System?

Our team of experts knows how important it is that your home remain comfortable year round. This is why we recommend that you have a whole home ventilation system installed in your home. These systems are used to increase home comfort by removing any stale or humid air from your home and pulling in fresh air from the outside. These systems when coupled with proper insulation and air-sealing practices can also be used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature for most months. We can help you install a whole home ventilation solution in your St. Louis home.

Whole Home Ventilation Solutions in St. Louis

Our team at Greenmark Home Performance can help you properly ventilate your home with our professional whole home ventilation installation services in St. Louis. Contact us online or by calling us at 314-845-9144 to schedule an appointment.

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