How To Choose The Right Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tile The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, so you should take no effort to neglect your bathroom. You should strive to make it exactly the way that you wish for your bathroom to be. There are many different things which make up a proper bathroom, and bathroom tile is one of the many choices you will have to make during any bathroom remodeling project.

There are many different types of bathroom tile to choose from, and they each have their own different looks, which will contribute to the overall look and vibe of the bathroom. It will most likely play the main role in being the biggest part of the look of your bathroom.

There are many different types of tile to choose from:


Ceramic and, and especially Porcelain already play a huge role in your bathroom already in the form of your bathtub, so it is fairly obvious that they would be a good choice of flooring material as well.

Natural Stone

Bathroom Tile This material is a very fine look, which is very adaptable as well. It has the ability to not only looking the part in rustic bathrooms but in contemporary bathrooms as well. It is important to note, however, that stone alone is not immune to the effects of water, and because of this, it will require some type of waterproof membrane which allows it to properly deal with moisture within a bathroom.


Glass tile is typically a more expensive option, behind marble flooring. It does look very nice, and has the potential of being used for a wide range of things such as mosaics. Glass as a material is not porous, so it cannot soak up any liquid and is very difficult to stain. This is a good all-around material to use in bathrooms, however possibly easy to break as well.


Marble tile is most definitely the most expensive and luxurious of all the different bathroom tiles, and for good reason. Marble is only created by a process only the earth can perform, which is crushing and heating limestone for millions of years. Not only is it a traditional luxury look, but it is also very resistant to water permeating it.

These are some of the most popular materials and we’d hope they help you make a positive choice on your next bathroom remodel.

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