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Our team at Greenmark Home Performance has been helping homeowners improve their property's comfort, appearance, and energy efficiency by replacing old and poorly insulated windows for years. Old window frames and glass can let both cool and warm air flow freely between the exterior and interior of your home. This can cause your homes furnace or air conditioning system to work much harder than normal to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. With replacement windows installed, you will get a properly sealed and insulated frame that reduces drafts and keeps your home at the proper temperature.

Polaris UltraWeld Replacement Windows

Our team always recommends installing UltraWeld Windows from Polaris which were rated as one of 2017's most efficient windows. Poorly Insulated windows can account for as much as 10%-25% of a homes enery bill. Using ENERGY STAR qualified windows to replace your single pane windows will reduce your average energy consumption.

Our team is capable of replacing windows in a variety of styles. Whether your windows are set as bay or bowed windows, double or single-hung, casement, picture, awning, tilt-in, hopper, basement, garden, or any specialty shape we can help. We have years of experience helping homeowners choose replacement windows that match both existing windows, and their homes exterior.

Double Hung Window Features

  1. Tilt Latches
  2. Weather Seal Grove
  3. Higher Sill Dam

Window Replacement and Installation

The process of replacement can be complicated for someone who has never had this kind of work done before on their home. To begin, accurate measurements will need to be made to be sure that the replacement materials aren't too big or small for the opening. This can be difficult to do in older homes since the openings might not necessarily be exactly rectangular.

Next, we will be sure that proper prep work is done inside your home to protect your other personal belongings from damage during the removal and installation work. Additionally, if the frame is going to be re-used, we will take great care to ensure that it stays in good shape during the removal process of the existing glass.

Then, we will begin installing the new frame or sash material. Rest assured knowing that our team strictly uses the best of the best when it comes to quality materials. This can help to provide your home with exceptional beauty, energy efficiency, and comfort for your family. Installation will also be weathertight, meaning that drafts will be eliminated and all gaps around the frame will be properly sealed.

The final step is to be sure that the trim work is done. This integrates your new sash or frame with the existing jamb.

Bennifits of Replacing Your Windows

  • Increased property value
  • Less maintenance
  • Improved curb appeal
  • Energy savings
  • Improved home comfort
  • Easy Operation
  • Clearer Glass
  • No More Leaks