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The ductwork in your home is supposed to deliver heated or cooled air to all your living spaces. However, if your ducts are leaky, not all the air that you're paying to heat or cool is making its way to the spots where you need it. With duct leakage testing, the team at Greenmark Home Performance can find out where your ductwork needs to be sealed for improved efficiency.

What's the Problem with Leaky Ductwork?

Leaky ducts might not seem like the end of the world until you realize that any gaps or cracks readily allow air out, while letting dust, pollutants, and other contaminants in. Ductwork that isn't properly sealed creates all of the following issues in your home:


If all the air you're paying to heat during the winter and cool during the summer isn't actually making its way into your living spaces, despite what the thermostat says, you might still be uncomfortable.

High Energy Bills

Since leaky ducts prevent your home from getting to the temperature you've set on the thermostat, you might find yourself constantly adjusting it even higher in the winter or lower in the summer which only drives up your monthly energy bills.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your ducts likely live in the walls, attic, and basement or crawl space of your home. If they have any gaps or cracks, then all of the dust, dirt, and other contaminants in those spots make their way into your ductwork and circulate throughout your home. So what's really in the air that you and your family are breathing?

Get Your Ductwork Tested with an Energy Audit from Greenmark

During an energy audit, a trained energy auditor from Greenmark Home Performance will test the ductwork in your Metro East or St. Louis area home. Once we know how much leakage is occurring and where exactly, we'll be able to seal your ducts for improved home comfort, increased energy efficiency, and healthier indoor air quality.
Are leaky ducts causing problems with discomfort, inefficiency, and poor air quality in your home? Find out by contacting us and scheduling your energy audit today.