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When it comes to your exterior doors on your St. Louis home, you need to choose a product that is attractive, durable, and is designed with energy efficiency in mind. After all, this entryway to your home likely gets used dozens of times a day. After some time, the weatherstripping can start to weaken, and this can cause the door to start letting in (or out) more and more air. When this happens, it can cause your heating and cooling systems to work extra hard to keep the inside of your home comfortable.

When the time comes to get a replacement door, it will also be a smart decision to also get the weatherstripping replaced. Below is some more information about the different types of materials our professionals here at Greenmark Home Performance can install for you. To view a list of cities where we provide replacement doors, click here.

Door Materials


This is becoming an increasingly popular option among area homeowners. It's strong, durable, and incredibly energy efficient. It can also be designed to mimic the look and feel of actual wood, but without all the maintenance that is required with this material. The material itself has foam insulation inside, helping it to prevent air leaks.

Solid Wood

This is a traditional choice but it isn't as energy efficient as some types of materials available. The wood can swell and shrink based on temperature and humidity changes. It can also rot, warp, bow, and buckle after time if it isn't properly maintained.

Insulated Wood

This is perfect for homeowners who want the look of natural wood, but you don't want to deal with the problems it can face. It has a foam insulation core with wood veneer.


This replacement comes with a strong foam core and it is designed to be exceptionally energy efficient. This is a great value for the budget-conscious homeowner.


These doors are similar to fiberglass in their design and appearance.