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Cellulose insulation is made out of plant fiber and is used inside wall and roof cavities to prevent heat loss and gain. At Greenmark Home Performance, we have seen this material become a popular choice for St. Louis area homes because of its exceptional energy efficiency, and because of its noise reducing qualities.

Types Available


This is often the material that is used in older homes. The material is blown into walls through small holes drilled in the top of the surface. It can also be used in new homes by using temporary retainers or netting which is secured into place and removed once the material has been applied.


This is used mostly in new construction applications. The addition of water is used during installation, as well as a moisture inhibitor, such as chlorine to prevent mold and mildew from growing inside of the wall's surface. The material will need to dry for around 24 hours before it can be covered over.


This is used most often inside of attics or roofs. It is installed with a small amount of water and an adhesive. This can help to prevent settling of the material inside of the cavity, and it decreases the amount of cellulose needed. This can help to reduce the overall weight of the product on the ceiling of the home.


This type of material has a small amount of oil or dust dampener added. It is used in homes where people may suffer from allergies.


  • Provides the homeowner with long-term cost savings
  • Offers mold and pest control
  • Acts as a sound barrier
  • Fire resistant material
  • Incredibly energy efficient