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When we assess your home's energy efficiency, we don't simply assume or guess what's working and what's not. Our trained experts conduct industry-standard testing to actually measure and analyze what's causing issues with discomfort, high energy bills, and drafts in your St. Louis or Metro East area home.

What is Blower Door Testing?

An essential part of a comprehensive home energy audit, a blower door is a special frame with an attached fan that is inserted into an exterior doorway of your home. When all the other exterior doors and windows are tightly closed, and the HVAC systems are turned off, an expert can begin the blower door test.
The fan starts by drawing out air from your home, which creates a low-pressure environment indoors. The depressurized interior then pulls in air from the outside through gaps and cracks. As this is happening, a pressure gauge measures the amount of air that comes in, which is an assessment of the air leakage inside your home.

Measuring Air Leakage to Upgrade Efficiency & Comfort

Having an accurate measurement of a home's airtightness allows an efficiency expert like the team at Greenmark Home Performance to make suggestions for improvements. Homes with a high air leakage measurement are inefficient. A large amount of air transfer allows heat to enter and escape at will, which means that your home is more likely to be too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Gaps and cracks in the building envelope that allow air through are also an entry point for moisture, humidity, and pollutants which can lead to mold growth and unhealthy indoor air quality.
If your home has a significant amount of air leakage, it will need to be air sealed, and will also likely need to have additional insulation installed to improve comfort, enhance indoor air quality, and increase energy efficiency.

Greenmark: Your St. Louis & Metro East Home Comfort Specialists

At Greenmark Home Performance, our team will conduct a blower door test as a part of your energy audit to calculate your home's efficiency and help inform which improvements are required. Upon completing home efficiency upgrades like air sealing and insulation, we can conduct a second blower door test to measure the improvements. Our expert team will make sure we help make your home more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient for you and your family.
Are you uncomfortable at home while still paying high energy bills? See how much energy you're wasting with a blower door test. Schedule yours by contacting us today.