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Many homeowners blame their heating and cooling systems when they're uncomfortable, have inconsistent temperatures throughout their home, or pay high energy bills each month. However, the actual culprit is often insufficient attic insulation.

Why Does Attic Insulation Matter?

Throughout the year, poorly insulated homes can lose over 25% of their energy through the roof and attic. During the winter and summer this number can increase even further. Not only do poorly insulated attics waste energy, but they often make the home unbearably hot or cold.
Sufficient insulation in the attic is key to comfort throughout the entire year and energy efficiency, which allows your heating and cooling systems to run less frequently and ultimately extends their lifespan while saving you money each month.

How Much Insulation Does My Attic Need?

Some homeowners in the greater St. Louis and Metro East area will go into their attics, see some fiberglass batts and decide that it's enough. However, if you go up into your attic and can still see joists, then your attic is insufficiently insulated.
Since insulation types vary in their effectiveness or thermal resistance per inch, how much insulation you will actually need depends on the insulation material you choose to use. It is recommended that homes in our area need at least R-49, which for most blown-in insulation types like fiberglass and cellulose is the equivalent of approximately 18 inches.

Signs Your Attic Needs Insulation

If you've already been brave enough to venture up to your attic, then you might know that your attic needs insulation. However, even if you haven't taken a peek upstairs, here are several signs you should look out for which indicate that your attic likely needs insulation:

  • An extremely hot second floor during the summer
  • Ice dams when it snows during the winter
  • High heating and air conditioning bills
  • Inconsistent temperatures throughout your home
  • Exposed joists in the attic

Where Should I Start with Attic Insulation?

Once you're fairly certain that your attic needs insulation, it can be tempting to try and find a DIY solution. However, attic insulation is so key to your home's comfort and energy efficiency that it's truly best left to the professionals. That's why the team at Greenmark Home Performance is here to help.

With a home energy audit, we can discover whether or not your attic needs insulation and which measures will be most effective in improving your home's comfort, health, and energy efficiency. During attic insulation installation, we first remove any existing insulation that might be contaminated. Then we air seal, since air sealing (usually with spray foam insulation) is an essential part of proper attic insulation. Finally, we will install the appropriate level of attic insulation so that your home will be more comfortable and energy efficient for decades to come.

Does your attic need insulation? Find out with an energy audit and then get expert installation from our team. Contact us to schedule an appointment!