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A home energy audit makes it possible for St. Louis and Metro East area homeowners to determine where their home is losing energy and money. Industry professionals, such as our team here at Greenmark Home Performance, will be able to take these problem areas and help you to better understand how they can be taken care of so that you can have a more energy efficient and comfortable home. During your home energy audit, we will check for air leaks, problems with insulation, and we will also inspect your windows, doors, and HVAC systems.

Step-By-Step Energy Audit Process

Home Exterior Inspection

Our team will take a thorough look at the outside of your home to pinpoint areas of air loss that may be happening around window and door frames. These problem areas can potentially cause a lot of energy loss over time, leaving you with expensive utility bills each month. We will also check for cracks in the foundation walls which could be letting moisture inside, or contributing to heat loss/gain.

Insulation and Attic Area Inspection

We will check the top of your home to be sure that you aren't having any issues with energy loss through the walls, floors, or roof which are often the most notorious areas of energy loss. If we discover that this is a problem area, spray foam or cellulose insulation can be installed to help with making your home more comfortable all year long.

Heating & Cooling Systems

HVAC systems are often the biggest users of energy inside of your home. We will check them to be sure that they are working as efficiently as possible. If there is a problem here, or if the systems are over a decade old, it may be time to think about replacement. We have several different types of units for you to pick from, and our team of experts will walk you through the entire replacement and installation process.

Ductwork Inspection

We will check your ducts to make sure that they are properly moving air throughout your home. We will also make sure that there aren't any clogs or leaks. We recommend getting your ducts cleaned regularly to prevent dust and grime build-up which could cause problems with air flow, and contribute to problems with allergies.

Blower Door Tests

Blower door testing is used to calculate the airtightness of your home. The blower door unit is placed on the interior side of your entry door. Then, a fan depressurizes your entire home, and makes it easier for us to pinpoint areas of air loss. Leaks are often found around window and door frames, around outlets, and in the attic.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging helps us to pinpoint areas of energy loss in a home. They use infrared radiation to allow us to see areas of heat loss or gain. This helps us to locate spots that require air sealing and insulation.

Energy Audit Results Report

After all of our energy audit testing has been finished, we will review the results with you. Then we'll discuss the next steps to address any issues and provide you and your family with a comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy home.

The Greenmark Home Performance Energy Audit Approach

At Greenmark, our trained and certified experts take a comprehensive approach that will make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy.

Step 1: Energy Audit

We'll first inspect your home thorough from top to bottom and conduct all tests, so that we can pinpoint the problem areas.

Step 2: Energy & Money Saving Solutions

Then we'll discuss our findings with you and present you with the solutions that will improve your home by saving both energy and money.

Step 3: Make Home Repairs

Next, our expert team will implement the recommended solutions.

Step 4: Verify Results

Finally, we'll run all of our tests again and conduct inspections to ensure that all the work completed was effective in making your home healthier, more comfortable, and more energy efficient.

Your First Step Towards Home Comfort, Health & Savings

When you start with a home energy audit from Greenmark Home Performance, you'll know exactly which measures your home needs for greater comfort, health, and energy efficiency. Our experts will help identify what's causing any problems and work with you to resolve them through our comprehensive insulation, home improvement, HVAC, and indoor air quality solutions.
The benefits of implementing recommendations after your energy audit include:
-Improved year-round home comfort
-Monthly energy bill savings
-Healthier indoor air quality
-Increased home durability
How can you make your home more comfortable & energy efficient? Schedule an energy audit by contacting us today.